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Technology woes? At RipJoy Tech!, we turn your technological frustration into worry-free jubilation! Our expert nerds are dedicated to making technology a source of joy rather than stress. Whether you're battling a stubborn software glitch, a mysterious hardware issue, or just need a hand setting up your new gadget, we've got you covered. With our friendly and patient support, you'll go from 'Oh no!' to 'Oh wow!' in no time. Let RipJoy Tech! be your tech happiness hub, where your devices work seamlessly, and your tech troubles disappear with a smile!

We work on site or remotely...

On-Site: Have tech devices that need a bit of help setting up? We’ll come to your home or business and set them up for you. Easy-peasy.

Remote: Modern technology is marvelous! Just marvelous. Most of your tech heartaches can be solved remotely, meaning we don’t need to see you in person to resolve your problem. This saves time and money. Oh Joy! We set up a  screen-share  to your computer or mobile device and work together to resolve any issue. Remote work is great, too, if you just want to learn something new when using your tech.

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